Engineering course - First year

The first-year engineering course allows students to acquire basic knowledge in engineering sciences. For apprenticeships, they are done under the student status, with the fellow first year students.

Ecological transition

As part of ENSTA Paris' "Ecological Transition" initiative, the School has integrated a series of courses and conferences into its training for first-year students in order to understand the challenges of the ecological transition on the basis of scientific facts and tools.

All these initiatives are designed to train engineers who are aware of their responsibilities in the face of the climate emergency.

A course "Understanding the ecological transition: scientific facts and tools" is also offered.

First-year learning outcomes

The ENSTA Paris competency framework is defined on the basis of the School's education plan and the general engineering competency framework as expressed by the engineering qualifications committee.

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The first-year scientific core curriculum

The first year, studied by all students, is mainly devoted to the acquisition of fundamental science knowledge for engineers. Taught throughout the year, the core science courses cover the following areas:

  • Automation, optimisation and applied mathematics
  • Information and communication sciences and technologies
  • Physics and mechanics
  • Engineering methods and tools

Thematic lessons

In the second semester, thematic lessens are used to supplement the core curriculum with in-depth training on cutting-edge scientific subjects, deliberately focused on the current concerns of research laboratories. 
Students must choose one thematic course from among all those offered.

Economic, human and linguistic training

Introduction to modern economics, awareness of innovation, cultural seminars, communication course, English, advanced or introductory courses for other foreign languages: this economic, human and linguistic education represents one of the pillars of the background of an ENSTA Paris engineer and provides them with essential skills for a successful career. It ends with the Innovation Week, which allows students to get down to work, in a supervised manner, to come up with a value-enhancement idea in connection with the research of the teaching and research units.

The operator internship - 1st year as a student

The operator internship is a performance internship lasting a minimum of 1 month, which takes place either in a business or in an association.
When performed in a business, the operator internship gives future engineers a first overview of life in a company and its structure, placing them at the bottom of the hierarchical scale. This first experience allows them to understand the working conditions of the staff in charge of execution tasks, the importance of human relationships, the issues of hierarchical structures, the different methods of supervision, the difficulty of circulating information and the complexity of the social fabric forming the business.

When performed in an association, the operator internship helps in the development of interpersonal skills within a team while discovering new social or cultural environments. This civic engagement in the field is practical, concrete, and allows future engineers to invest themselves for the benefit of the community.

thumbnail Le stage opérateur à ENSTA Paris : Louise, Mathieu et Tom témoignent

Préformation première année

Les élèves, en fonction de leur filière d'origine, sont susceptibles de suivre un cours de préformation en mathématiques.