Obtain the Engineering degree of ENSTA Paris by apprenticeship

ENSTA Paris offers its engineering degree by apprenticeship, a professionalising path allowing students to stay in contact with businesses from the 2nd year of the course while maintaining the excellence of the general engineering education.

Why choose this course by apprenticeship?

  • It is very generalist and provides an excellent scientific and technical background.
  • It provides business knowledge through the business assignment and application skills in complex systems engineering.
  • It allows one to benefit from remuneration and the employee status.
  • It allows one to acquire rich professional experience for easier integration into the business world.
  • The apprenticeship course meets the growing needs of businesses in complex systems engineering.

Discover the testimonials of 3 alumni by apprenticeship (in French):

Who is an engineering course by apprenticeship for?

Approximately 25 students per year graduate from the engineering course by apprenticeship. They come from multiple original courses and admission routes.

  • Bachelor’s degree, via the joint GEI-Univ platform: oral tests and interviews
  • BUT (university technical degree) and ATS, via the joint ENSEA platform: written and oral tests
  • CPGE (preparatory courses for Grandes Écoles): specific places are open on the CCMP in all fields (MP, PC, PSI, PT, TSI)
  • The choice is also offered at the end of the 1st year

How does the apprenticeship course work?

A "1 + 2" format, one year full-time at the School, followed by two years under the apprentice status.

  • A first year entirely at the School
    • It enables an optimal integration into the School, promoting exchanges and participation in community life
    • Individualised support to define one’s professional project and for searching for a business assignment, including preparation in recruitment techniques
  • A second and third year in a work-study programme:
    • A specialisation in the areas of excellence of the School: engineering of complex systems for transportation, energy, defence
    • A business assignment in the sector chosen by the student from among transportation, energy or defence.

General architecture of the apprenticeship training


- Scientific and technical education
- Openness and personal development
- Professional integration and corporate knowledg

Training in research and innovation

- 8-week laboratory research project
- In France or abroa


- Stay abroad: 8 weeks minimum, 12 expected
- Implementation of international skills as part of the assignment
- TOEIC validation with a minimum score of 850

Business assignment

- 73 weeks spread over the 2nd and 3rd years
- Support and follow-up by a teachingmentor
- Apprenticeship manage


The Engineering course by apprenticeship, like the course under student status, is resolutely internationally oriented. During their three years of study, students will have to spend at least twelve weeks abroad.

  • During the research internship at the end of the first year
  • During the second year and/or third year business assignment, managed by the business
  • During the second year and/or third year business assignment, managed by the School (stay in a research laboratory in a partner university, on a subject related to the business assignment)

The engineering students will apply international skills as part of their business assignments. They must:

  • Participate in an international project within a multicultural team
  • Attend working meetings in English
  • Draft documents in English
  • Travel abroad

Throughout the course, students also benefit from:

  • an international environment
  • learning two languages
  • promotion of international careers

Some businesses actively supporting this apprenticeship path


Head of engineering course by apprenticeship