Collaborate to training

ENSTA Paris trains engineers who will work in four main areas:

  • Transport: autonomous vehicles, smart mobility
  • Energy: renewable energies, smart cities, nuclear energy
  • Applied mathematics: operations research, optimization, data sciences
  • Engineering of complex systems: robotics, cybersecurity

Opportunities for action

ENSTA Paris offers its corporate partners the opportunity to work with its students in four possible ways:

  • Supervision of team projects. This form allows visibility on the subjects of intervention and the opportunity to get to know the students better.
  • Hosting trainees. This provides an opportunity for pre-recruitment.
  • Individual teaching. This is an intervention as a temporary worker in one of the courses at ENSTA Paris.
  • Sponsorship of skills: teaching in the framework of a partnership. This intervention coordinated by the company offers the possibility of sharing the teaching load between 2 or 3 collaborators and offers brand visibility.