Travel abroad

From the start of the 2021 academic year, a stay abroad of at least 18 weeks accumulated over the three years of the curriculum is mandatory to obtain the ENSTA Paris diploma. Students can also do a gap year in a company or in an academic laboratory abroad outside the curriculum.

Several possibilities for studying abroad

First year

  • Students must complete a four-week operator internship (that can be done abroad), with the possibility of a language internship in certain countries  

Second year  

  • Engineering students can complete a semester of non-degree studies at a partner university, including the Research Project  
  • They must also complete a research project of at least 10 weeks, to be entirely completed abroad.

Third year

  • Students have the opportunity to make a study visit leading to a Masters level certification as a substitute for the entire year, with extension of studies. This visit may include fields of study that are not taught at ENSTA Paris and is part of the framework of the Institutional Double Degrees of ENSTA Paris, or part of a degree course outside these agreements, but the educational content of which is validated by ENSTA Paris. 
  • Students must complete their minimum four-month Graduation Project abroad.

Personalised follow-up

The students of ENSTA Paris benefit from personalised follow-up from the Department of International Relations and Business Partnerships in conjunction with the Department of Training and Research in order to choose the most suitable program, select and validate courses, etc.

The Department of International Relations and Business Partnerships provides students with all the information they need to carry out their project, and manages certain international mobility scholarships. 

Students also benefit, in searching for their internship, from the relationships that ENSTA Paris teacher-researchers have with their counterparts abroad. Each student on an internship abroad is mentored by a teacher who acts as a tutor.

Non-degree stays or exchange semesters

Non-degree stays (referred to as “substitution stays”) allow ENSTA Paris students to study abroad for one semester or one year without extending the initial duration of their education. The student substitutes a semester or a year of courses at ENSTA Paris for a semester in a partner establishment. This possibility is offered to them in their 2nd year, in the second semester. The student combines lessons and the Research Project.
The student's activities are evaluated by the host university and validated by ENSTA Paris. By choosing this option, the student only obtains the ENSTA Paris degree.