The french apprenticeship tax

New mobilities, ecological and energy transitions, industry of the future, security and defense, by accompanying us with your tax of apprenticeship, you support our students to become the engineers of the change that will accompany these great transformations.

This funding allows ENSTA Paris to invest and progress more and more towards matching our students to the needs of the economic world. This relationship with our partner companies is strengthened over the years. Thanks to the many contributors who each year choose to pay their apprenticeship tax to ENSTA Paris.

Why pay your apprenticeship tax to ENSTA Paris?

  • To support a scientific training of high-level engineers at the service of industry;
  • To support innovative educational projects aimed at ensuring that training is in line with the needs of companies from the point of view of knowledge, know-how and know-how;
  • To take part in the orientation of the training of engineers that your company will need tomorrow;
  • To increase the visibility of your company with future engineers of high potential in connection with your recruitment policy;
  • To support a proactive diversity policy.

How to pay your tax?

Payment can be made via the online payment platform.

Via the platform:

  • You can calculate the amount of your tax
  • You will be able to make a payment by bank transfer, cheque or credit card
  • You can automatically send all the information necessary for monitoring the file and issuing a discharge receipt

You can also pay directly by cheque or bank transfer.
We thank you in advance for informing us of the amount you wish to pay to ENSTA Paris using this donation pledge form. We will then be able to provide you with all the information necessary for a direct payment, and collect the information necessary for the issuance of a discharge receipt. We will also have the opportunity to thank you personally and to associate you with the life of the School.

On the slip, name ENSTA Paris as the beneficiary:
Beneficiary establishment : École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées - ENSTA Paris
Numéro UAI : 0912318A


Head of the Business Partnerships department
Chargée de l'insertion professionnelle et des partenariats entreprises


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