Partnerships and cooperation

82 partner universities, 2 offshore campuses in Tunisia and China, 32 double-degree agreements in the engineering course, national and international networks (T.I.M.E., ERASMUS +) are just a few examples of the international dynamism of ENSTA Paris.

The international strategy of ENSTA Paris aims to develop and maintain lasting connections with the very best global universities in science and engineering. All the teaching and research activities of ENSTA Paris, and today of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris, are fully in line with an international context. This ambition is also reflected in the development of international projects in partnership with businesses, in particular by supporting the deployment of specific education in countries where these businesses are developing, such as Australia, Singapore and even Colombia.

Facilitated mobility

Incoming mobility, through the recruitment of international students from foreign universities that are partners of ENSTA Paris.

Outgoing mobility, for its part, takes the form of study visits leading to degrees, and internships in laboratories or businesses. An international stay of 18 cumulative weeks is mandatory to obtain the engineering degree from ENSTA Paris.