Join ENSTA Paris with a foreign degree

ENSTA Paris, as a major engineering school, is committed to transmitting its education par excellence to international students, in its engineering course or its other programmes.

"Bienvenue en France"

ENSTA Paris has been awarded the "Bienvenue en France" label, with a maximum rating of 3 stars. This label is a mark of confidence, attesting to the quality of the reception facilities available to international students joining ENSTA Paris:

  • Quality and accessibility of information
  • Quality and accessibility of reception facilities
  • Quality and accessibility of training and support for teaching
  • Accommodation and quality of campus life
  • Quality of post-graduate follow-up

Join the engineering course as a foreign student

Students with a foreign degree can complete an academic stay leading to a degree, or a stay as an international exchange student at ENSTA Paris.

International students, complete an academic stay leading to a degree at ENSTA Paris

Several admission routes are open for international students wishing to join the engineering degree courses at ENSTA Paris. You will find all the information in the pages below.

    International exchange students in the engineering course

    Students from international partner universities can attend the engineering courses at ENSTA Paris as exchange students for 1 or 2 semesters. The European credit transfer system (ECTS) allows these students to have their home university recognise the courses received at ENSTA Paris, without however obtaining the school's degree at the end of this period.

    Before joining ENSTA Paris, students must:

    • Have completed at least 3 years of scientific university studies at the partner university. Those who have completed 4 years will be authorised, if they so wish and if their home university agrees, to apply to extend their stay by one year in order to obtain the engineering degree of the ENSTA Paris.
    • Have adequate proficiency in French. An intensive French course is offered during the summer preceding the start of the school year. French courses are also offered throughout the course.
    • Commit to following a study plan defined at the start of their stay in a study contract ("learning agreement") between the students, the home university and ENSTA Paris.

    Please note: Students of the partner university who wish to do an internship / research project in an ENSTA Paris laboratory are requested to contact the laboratory, and at the same time apply as an exchange student.

    Choice of classes

    In order to make the most of their stay at ENSTA Paris, we advise international exchange students to respect the pedagogical consistency of the programme. It is therefore advisable to follow the same course, for one or two semesters, as the students of the degree course:

    From September to February (fall semester), international exchange students can attend:

    • The 1st semester of the 2nd year, or the full year 2
    • The 1st semester of the 3rd year, or the full year 3

    From March to August (spring semester), international exchange students can attend:

    • The 2nd semester of the 2nd year (elective modules and research project in one of the ENSTA Paris laboratories)
    • if they have completed the in-depth course during the fall semester, students can do an internship in a business (graduation project)

    International exchange students are highly encouraged to attend the two weeks of preparation for international students in August, which will allow them to prepare as much as possible to complete the semester's courses in the best possible conditions.

    Foreign students: PhD students and laboratory internships

    The six laboratories of ENSTA Paris regularly host international students for doctoral theses. The interested student must contact the ENSTA Paris laboratory directly, according to the planned thesis topic.

    Research internships
    Students from partner universities wishing to do a research internship in one of the ENSTA Paris laboratories must contact the laboratory concerned according to their research topic, and fill out the intern application form.
    More details on ENSTA Paris research and laboratories