Students range of services

To ensure that our students are welcomed and supported as much as possible from the moment of admission and throughout their course, ENSTA Paris offers a range of services.

A Dedicated Contact team

All students know them, and rightly so: it is their reference point!

In charge of Student Support and Social Openess, the department of student life will be available from the beginning of the first year (1A) and is presented during the group of speech « ENSTA et alors… » This discussion group, specially designed for 1A, meets during the first two months of the school year to give necessary advice for the start of the course and answer all questions from students.

Present at the very beginning of the school year, the department prepares the freshers week with the Corporate Relations and Communication Departments. The induction week is for all new students and offers various conferences and activities: prevention workshops on alcoholism, addiction or harassment, conferences on companies or research laboratories, fun activities such as a treasure hunt to discover the campus. The induction week ends with the famous integration weekend, a great moment for the new promotion to get to know each other better.

Various support programs…

In order to be as close as possible to students, ENSTA Paris has created a a Student Support Committee made up of academic representatives, a representative for Company Relations, the Accommodation Officer and the Psychologist. The committee meets up three times per year to review difficulties students may encounter whether it be academic, financial or medical and/or psychological.

… on the health theme in particular

ENSTA Paris offers its students access to several medical specialists. A doctor, a psychologist and a social worker are present on campus to see students who wish to consult them.

In addition, always on the health plan, and as part of the social project of the institution, ENSTA Paris has chosen to provide all its staff and students with access to teleconsultation with the Qare solution, without advance of fees.

Student reception facilities…

Located on the campus of the École Polytechnique (with a surface area of 164 hectares including 120 hectares of green spaces), less than 20 kilometres from Paris, the ENSTA Paris campus is in a unique setting.

An opportunity for housing is offered to all students, whether on campus in the school’s HQE buildings or in the partner residences managed by the Accommodation Department.

The 436 accommodation housing opportunities at the ENSTA Paris residence are offered in priority to 1A, scholarship students and foreign students. The Accommodation Department also offers other solutions for students who request them.

… from a national or international perspective

ENSTA Paris, as a major engineering school, is committed to passing on its training of excellence to international students, in its engineering cycle or another of its programs.

To support students from all walks of life, ENSTA Paris has created a personalised welcome and offers an intensive French course during the summer preceding their school year. Like the French students arriving at the school, all international first-timers benefit from housing on campus.

Between students

In addition to the services offered by ENSTA Paris, students are of course welcomed by their peers, and in particular by the Student Union (BDE as “Bureau Des Elèves” in French), a federating association and one of the school’s many associations.

BDE members are overflowing with imagination to maintain social connections and animate the student community. Amongst various actions a survey on general well-being (from both an academic and social perspective) is conducted and convivial moments with refreshments and dinners are organised ensuring  students do not remain isolated and continue to get to know each other.