Communicate with students

The Student Office and associations

Businesses can contact students directly through various associations, to set up partnerships: sports, cultural activities, entertainment, communication, etc.

A partnership with one of them constitutes an effective image vector with the students. One of its components, the Business Relations group, is interested in helping students discover businesses.


Student Office (BDE)
Coordination of Student Associations and Partnerships

Sports Office
Coordination of sports activities

Arts Office
Coordination of artistic activities

The Forum Trium

Organised jointly by our students and those from the École des Mines de Paris, des Ponts and ENSAE, the Forum Trium is usually held in October or November. This is the period when third-year students refine their career plans and are looking for the end-of-studies internship that will ensure the best transition to their chosen career.

TAEP, the Junior-Entreprise of ENSTA Paris

A multiple award winner, TAEP makes the students' knowledge available to businesses for studies in mechanics, computer science, applied mathematics and optimisation, electronics and automation, as well as for technical translations. This type of work is a great way to introduce students to your business.

The director of ENSTA Paris recommends TAEP:
" TAEP, the Junior-Entreprise of ENSTA Paris is an association managed entirely by the students of the establishment. It makes it possible to apply the theoretical teaching received at the School by carrying out studies for different companies. TAEP thus reflects the seriousness, professionalism and motivation of ENSTA Paris students and helps establish a network between future graduates of the School and the business world. "