Student life at the ENSTA Paris

Less than 20 km from Paris, ENSTA Paris campus is a unique setting that promotes activities and student life. Every year, students of ENSTA Paris participate in challenges, carry out innovative projects, carry out fascinating research work and receive prizes for their efforts.
thumbnail Presentation of the student area and ENSTA Paris associations by its students


Student life is full of events, organized by students, for students. By coming to ENSTA Paris you are sure to find what to do with your days! Here is a small overview of the wealth of events of the school...


WEI is usually the first event of student life in schools.  3 days in a dream destination to get to know the other ENSTA, all guaranteed without hazing: here reigns the «good spirit» which is so dear to us!


Twice a year, the Bureau Des Arts (BDA) takes you for 3 to 4 days in the most beautiful European capitals during the WEC (Cultural Weekend for the intimate).


These two weeks of excitement and madness at the beginning of December are one of the most important events of the year!

The contending lists for offices (BDE, BDS and BDA) struggle and do not lack imagination to offer you multiple activities (games, meals, theme nights, amphitheatre hijacking) and thus win their place within the offices!


It is the evening open to all students from the Paris region or elsewhere. After your years of preparation, you do not want to make unforgettable evenings? Then the BOOM is for you!


Take you to magical universes like a transatlantic ride or the casino of the great Gatsby, you put stars in your eyes, in short make you dream. This is the job of the Gala, which organizes an evening in honor of young graduates in prestigious Parisian halls!


Many sports activities can be practiced at ENSTA Paris, as part of the engineering training or out-of-school through associations and clubs.

Associations punctuate student life at ENSTA Paris

At ENSTA Paris, student life is framed by the many associations that students can join or create.

The Student Office (BDE): a federating association

An essential and dynamic component, the student office or BDE organises some of the essential events in the student life of ENSTA Paris, such as the induction weekend as well as the famous evening parties, the reception of new students, trips, private lessons, etc. It promotes ties between students and also represents students before the management.

To ensure that everyone can indulge in their passion, the BDE supervises various activities and associations, providing them with a framework, equipment and subsidies.

The BDA: the Arts Office

An artistic association of ENSTA Paris for the promotion of culture, the arts office or BDA organises cultural events in France or internationally and sells theatre, ballet and opera tickets for Parisian shows and contributes to the subsidy of exhibitions and cinema tickets. The BDA supervises different sections to offer the widest possible range of activities within the school.

The BDS: the Sports Office

Beginners or professionals, the BDS team will encourage you to challenge yourself.

ENSTA Paris, more than 70 student associations

In addition to the three main associations (BDE, BDA and BDS), many associations allow students to build up beginner experience recognised by companies, and to give free rein to their passion or to invest in School life through rewarding projects.

Associative life at ENSTA Paris allows, among other things, to:

  • create a project and know how to defend it
  • acquire a sense of responsibility
  • develop a sense of organisation
  • learn to manage a budget
  • work in teams
  • set realistic goals and the means to achieve them

Some examples of associations you can join:

  • Boom: student evenings open to other schools
  • Pétarade: association of mechanics
  • GraviTAtion: School Physics and Mathematics Association
  • DaTA: Computer club, help students solve computer problems
  • ENST'Air: Aeronautics and Aerospace Association
  • TApage: communications association
  • ENSTAR: robotics association
  • TAep: Junior-Entreprise
  • Trium: School-Business Forum
  • Bar: place of sharing of the student home
  • CC: association of exchanges around spirituality
  • Taboo? : LGBT association
  • ENSTAbouret: DIY association
  • Ecosyst'Aime: «sustainable» association
  • TAducoeur: charitable and humanitarian association
  • Gala: Annual Student Gala
  • Advanced'Mix: at the turntables of each evening and on the tank of the Technoparade
  • ENSTAblier: gastronomy
  • PaTAchoux: pastry shop
  • ENSTAcos: gastronomy
  • BDthèque: reading comics
  • Anim': animation
  • TAnin: oenology
  • CanTAL: gastronomy
  • CloseTAtion: gastronomy
  • TwisTAgain: dance-rock
  • Danse-PS: Paris-Saclay dance
  • Smash: musical comedy
  • Kvo: school music group
  • OcTAve: group of classical musicians
  • ENSTroupe: rehearsals with performances
  • Sono: musical animation
  • The Stud': musical animation
  • MagenTA: artistic expression
  • ENSTAlibur: games
  • Cineclub: 7th art
  • TActique: chess
  • ENSTAntané: Student Journal
  • TinTAmare: brass band
  • ENSTAgram: photo club
  • Arts en scène: Student Art Festival
  • Best: weeks of European scientific exchanges
  • TAdaïma: Japanese Association
  • TAleb: Lebanese Association
  • Montagne: climbing
  • ENSTAquet: sailing club
  • ENSTArtiflette: ski club
  • 7 in Paris: rugby to 7
  • Pom-Pims: animation choreography
  • Takeoff: surf
  • Shell éco marathon: international eco-design competition