ENSTA Paris alumni

After their training at ENSTA Paris, our students integrate themselves in many different sectors, corresponding to the scientific, multidisciplinary and generalist course they have completed.

The various sectors of activity of young ENSTA Paris alumni

Of course, this spectrum of professions includes the areas that have made ENSTA Paris famous: automotive and rail sector, energy, shipbuilding and offshore construction.

However, we can also see that all cutting-edge sectors are represented e.g. information and communications technologies, chemicals and the environment, banking and finance.

The functions performed by our young graduates

Beyond a field of specialisation

ENSTA Paris seeks above all to give its engineers a solid base of knowledge that will enable them to occupy the transverse professions typical of engineers of today and tomorrow. The real concerns of an engineer are indeed very rarely confined to a single particular technical field: thus, for example, a telecommunications engineer must have excellent knowledge of telecommunications, but also very good knowledge of IT and optimisation.

An evolving career

The education provided by ENSTA Paris is therefore close to the real concerns of companies. It was designed to allow each student to progress easily within the company, quickly moving from very technical positions (research and development, design offices) to supervisory and project management positions.

The first posts often have a strong technical and scientific component and more than 21% of students decide to pursue a doctorate.

Complex systems engineers

Faithful to its name and its tradition, ENSTA Paris has managed, while adapting to the changes in the industrial and corporate worlds, to retain its vocation as a school of "systems engineers". As in the case of the naval engineers who were trained to build ships, from design to launch, including construction, interior fittings, propulsion and instrument development, the ENSTA Paris engineers of today are the architects of today's complex industrial systems.

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