Curriculum for polytechnicians and normaliens

Every year, ENSTA Paris recruits students from the École polytechnique (civil polytechnicians and armament engineers). After an optional internship carried out under co-supervision, the polytechnicians join ENSTA Paris in the third year.

This track is also offered to normaliens.

After two weeks devoted to a harmonisation course in communication, project management, accounting and engineering law, the fourth-year training curriculum includes a teaching course followed by an internship period.
A course customised to your objectives in 2, 3 or 4 semesters built around two fundamental semesters:

Teachning curriculum (September to mid-April)

  • Lessons of the 3rd year of the engineering course (Choice from among different specialisation tracks and profiles)
  • Possibility of integrating the personalised course to help start a business.

Graduation project (from mid-April)

The end of studies internship takes place over a minimum period of six months. Its duration is 8 months for Armament engineers, who also attend one month of training in administration and European environments and a 6-month internship of knowledge of the operational environment.

The graduation project

3-semester international course

To strengthen the international dimension of one’s education. Semester to be completed either before, between or after the 2 fundamental semesters

International academic semester

With a wide choice of destinations and personalised educational programmes:

  • KTH, Stockholm (aerospace)
  • NTNU, Trondheim (maritime)
  • TU Delft (transport, energy)
  • TU Munich (transport, robotics)
  • ParisTech Shangai Jiao Tong (transport, energy)
  • UFRJ, Rio (maritime, energy)

4-semester business course

To prepare for the business world as soon as possible with 2 semesters to be completed (internship in a business in France or abroad + personalised programme and/or internship) before the 2 fundamental semesters

4-semester full course

To develop as many skills as possible with 2 semesters to be completed (international academic semester + internship in a business or laboratory in France or abroad) before the 2 fundamental semesters


"This 4A at ENSTA Paris allows you to make 100% progress during this year on your startup by benefiting from support that aims to advance your project. It offers a real alternative to Berkeley for those who already have a project in mind or started, anchored in the French environment. The X-ENSTA Paris engineering degree can be obtained with the effective growth of a start-up from the beginning of year 3" Florian Fournier, (X-ENSTA 2017), co-founder of Payfit

"At the end of my engineering cycle at X, I wanted to obtain specific skills in naval architecture that would fit my professional project. Through my previous internships in companies, I had learned that ENSTA Paris was a unanimously recognized reference in this field. Thanks to the ENSTA Paris polytechnic curriculum, I not only acquired the skills I was looking for, but I also really appreciated the fact that I could continue to go deep into all the subjects treated, as we are used to at X. Whether it is in terms of academic excellence, the pace of training, the quality of the speakers or the atmosphere of the School, this passage through ENSTA Paris has really been an excellent experience" Cyprien Jacquemot, (X2015 - ENSTA 2019), naval architect