Admission at ENSTA Paris for international students

Admission to join the degree courses

There are two routes of admission, the second being the most common:

  • Entry into the 1st year of the engineering course by passing the Mines-Ponts common competitive examination after having attended the preparatory scientific classes. The conditions are the same as for French students, and are detailed on this page
  • Entry on file (admission based on qualifications) in the 2nd year of the engineering course, for students who have completed at least four years (or 240 ECTS credits) of higher scientific studies in France or abroad before the start of the courses at the ENSTA Paris.

Note: for foreign students holding a French diploma, the steps to be taken are identical to those for French students.

Specific case: for students who studied at a foreign university:

  • In the case of a partner university (exchange students), the students concerned must take the necessary steps with the international department of the home university, which will send the completed application file to ENSTA Paris. This file will be examined by a committee, which will decide on whether they can join.
  • In the case of a non-partner university (independent candidates), the students must then apply on an individual basis by returning their duly completed application file. It will be examined by a committee, which will decide on whether they can join.

Admission to the engineering course as a free auditor

 Read all the information about the admission of free auditors here


Vilas de Caldas
Head of incoming international mobility - Erasmus+ coordinator