The third-year profiles of the engineering course

“Engineering and design” profile

This profile is based on complementary training in project management, industrial systems and systems engineering, as well as on the conduct of a project. This project, which runs from September to March, allows students to consolidate the skills related to the design and development of a system by relying on the scientific, technical, economic and organizational knowledge acquired during their training. The students, in teams, choose a subject in consultation with an industrial tutor. They define the specifications and develop a mainly technical study.

“Research and innovation” profile

This profile is for students wishing to start their career in research and development in business or in academia. It leads to further densifying their scientific background and attending additional courses within an M2 of IP Paris or a 3rd year at the Engineering School of IP Paris. In some cases, obtaining the M2 is possible.

“Entrepreneurship - Intrapreneurship” profile

This is the other end of the chain of innovation in the engineering professions. This profile is based on a training in management and entrepreneurship focusing on the issue of innovation. The teaching is focused on re-examining the projects developed by the students, to reveal their potential for economic development.

Students choose to go further into the "entrepreneurship" or "management" aspects.