The IP Paris research

For three centuries, the five Polytechnic Institute of Paris (IP Paris) establishments have contributed to scientific discoveries and major technological revolutions. At the Polytechnic Institute of Paris, the research quality relies on the amalgamation of their disciplinary expertise and their research infrastructure for pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

In addition to these recognised specialisations, the interdisciplinarity encouraged by the Polytechnic Institute of Paris makes it possible to approach problems from different angles. By openly bringing together their perspectives, their know-how, and their methods, researchers thus provide complementary, original, and innovative solutions to the major societal problems and scientific questions of the world.

Key IP Paris research data

Key research data

  • 30 research laboratories 
  • 40 teaching and research chairs 
  • 950 doctoral students 
  • 230 postdoctoral researchers 
  • 2500 publications per year 
  • 1000 teacher-researchers and researchers

5 chief partners for the research

10 disciplinary research departments

  • Biology
  • Chemistry and Processes
  • Economy 
  • Computer Science, Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • Information, Communication, and Electronics
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics and Energetics
  • Physics
  • Social Sciences and Management
  • Human Sciences, Art, Arts and Languages 

Focus on 10 research domains

  • Environment and climate
  • Energy
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science
  • Networks and Internet of things
  • Digital simulation
  • Cyber security
  • Quantum Technology
  • Innovative materials and nanotechnology
  • Plasmas and their applications
  • Biomedical engineering