Our are a company

Do you have positions to fill, wish to explore the possibilities of partnership research, contact the Junior Company of ENSTA Paris, sponsor a promotion or simply give meaning to the payment of your apprenticeship fee? You will find on this page some first elements of answer.

Recruit our talents

ENSTA Paris trains, during the three years of its engineering cycle under student and apprentice status, future general engineers, in line with the expectations of the business world. For an internship or job offer, do not hesitate to send us your offers and recruit our talents.

Contact TAEP, the Junior-Entreprise of ENSTA Paris

A multi-award-winning organization, TAEP makes the knowledge of students available to companies for studies in mechanics, computer science, applied mathematics and optimization, electronic and automatic, as well as for technical translations.

Pay your apprenticeship tax to ENSTA Paris

Why pay your apprenticeship tax to ENSTA Paris?

  • To support a scientific training of high-level engineers at the service of industry
  • To support innovative educational projects aimed at ensuring that training matches the needs of companies
  • To take part in the orientation of the training of engineers that your company will need tomorrow
  • To increase the visibility of your company with future engineers of high potential in connection with your recruitment policy
  • Supporting a proactive diversity policy

Paying your apprenticeship tax to ENSTA Paris means investing in the future of your own business.

Sponsor a class

Since 2009, ENSTA Paris has been offering a company the opportunity to sponsor a class of ENSTA Paris students from the moment of integration and beyond.

Why sponsor a class?

The sponsorship of a class is an opportunity to strengthen the links that ENSTA Paris maintains with professional circles and to have the quality of its educational project illustrated by essential companies of socio-economic life. It allows the company to be in direct contact with new generations of engineers, to highlight its image, personality and culture.