Intellectual property and technology transfer

Intellectual property

Intellectual property concerns everything related to intellectual property assets, patents, software and the know-how (non-patentable expertise). 

It is important to raise awareness on intellectual property issues, particularly by broadcasting calls for projects for technological maturation programmes. 

Intellectual property also means ensuring that pre-existing intellectual property assets are properly regularised. The objective is to fairly divide any subsequent benefits from these patents, with the perspective of highlighting the expertise of ENSTA Paris researchers. The latest events in this field aim to implement a procedure to help properly manage these assets and the budgets to be allocated to them.

Technology transfer

The final objective of the promotion is technology transfer. ENSTA Paris has succeeded in transforming ideas which were a part of a patent application into marketable industrial applications.

This is a critical phase when it comes to obtaining the funds that will allow for developing the applications. 

The promotion service supports, for example, VIVODOGMA, a magnetic device developed within the university's Mechanics Unit, which corrects growth defects tied to congenital craniofacial malformations and provides many benefits to the patients.


Head of development affairs