Admission in the first year for students of post-preparatory courses

The admissions by commun entrance examination in the 1st year for students coming from scientific preparatory classes (CPGE) are done via the Mines-Ponts common entrance examination, for the engineering course under student status and apprentice status.

The Mines-Ponts common entrance examination

After the preparatory classes, through the Mines-Ponts Common Competitive Examination, ENSTA Paris recruits French and foreign candidates in the fields of Mathematics-Physics (MP), Mathematics-Physics-IT (MPI), Physics-Chemistry (PC), Physics-Engineering Sciences (PSI), Physics-Technology (PT) and Technology-Industrial Sciences (TSI). Candidates can apply for the engineering course under student status as well as the apprentice status.

The number of seats offered in each sector, for the start of the 2024 school year (including apprenticeship):

  • MP:  58 (including 1 by apprenticeship)
  • MPI: 10 (including 1 by apprenticeship)
  • PC:  39 (including 2 by apprenticeship)
  • PSI : 53 (including 2 by apprenticeship)
  • PT:  12 (including 4 by apprenticeship)
  • TSI: 3 (including 4 by apprenticeshipe)

Information and enrolments

Enrolment is open on the website of the Mines-Ponts common entrance examination  until the beginning of January.

Mines-Ponts common entrance examination
22 rue du Champ de l'Alouette 75013 PARIS