Third year by apprenticeship

The third year is multidisciplinary; it consists of an "Engineering of complex systems for transportation, energy, defence" track and an "Engineering and design" profile. The lessons are very general and can be applied to a very wide range of business sectors for those who wish to be trained in designing large complex systems.

International experience is also very important: the apprentice will have to complete at least 12 weeks abroad to validate their degree.

The profile dedicated to apprenticeship, "engineering and design"

The Engineering and Design profile is aimed at students who wish to start their career in industry in a profession focusing on the study and design of products and systems, in response to a customer requirement, or in the execution of large projects. Thus, the apprentice has to follow it. This profile is based on additional training in production systems as well as in project management.

Scientific and Technical Education

Track - core curriculum

  • Complex systems engineering
  • Design and modelling project
  • Introduction to dependability
  • Modelling of multi-domain systems
  • Dymola design
  • Modelling of discrete event systems
  • Introduction to cyber security
  • Transportation optimization
  • Advanced cybersecurity 

Engineering methods and tools

  • Systems engineering applied to a case study


This programme may be modified according to changes decided by the School's bodies (education board and board of directors).

Openness and personal development

  • English
  • 2nd language (German or Spanish)

Professional integration and corporate knowledge

  • Human resources management
  • Lecture series
  • Innovation management and entrepreneurship
  • Preparation for professional integration

Business assignment

  • Evaluation of the assignment
  • Choice analysis sheet

Execution and rhythm of the third-year business assignment

  • Until mid-May: three weeks at the School, five weeks in a business
  • From mid-May to the end of September: full time in a business
  • 15 weeks at the school, 39 weeks in a business (including vacation and international stay)