Admission of Polytechnicians and Normaliens

Students passing out from the École Polytechnique can be admitted to the ENSTA Paris, in the 3rd year of the engineering course, for additional training (admission is by right for Armament engineers). This course is also open to students of the Écoles Normales Supérieures. It includes specific reinforced education in economics, law and management.

The Polytechnique/Normalien cycle is based on :

  • The validation of a research internship of at least 12 weeks carried out at the Ecole Polytechnique or as part of the ENS training
  • A training module in communication, project management and law
  • A semester consisting essentially of a specialization course and a profile completed by language courses, preparation for professional integration, etc.
  • A semester of end-of-studies project

Depending on the student's educational and professional project, the Polytechnique/Normal cycle can be completed by one or two semesters to gain international and/or professional experience.

Please note that the polytechnicien/normalien curriculum is open to normaliens who have completed their 3rd year. Otherwise, you will be applying for the 2nd year of the engineering cycle.