Entrepreneurship Training Course

This training aims at acquainting third-year students with the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial process.

The idea is to help them develop innovative projects during the two segmented months by making resources available so that at the end of March, proofs of concept can be presented during their defence and validated by professionals during the Student Entrepreneurship Day of Paris-Saclay. Each project can benefit from tutoring / coaching, skills acquisition modules oriented towards the management of technological projects, participate in trade shows, pitch competitions, etc., while benefiting from the technological innovation ecosystem of the Plateau de Saclay.

Three types of projects:

  • Independent Projects: 

Students put themselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur by learning to circumvent obstacles and seize the opportunities that they get from their own ideas. KITE can lead to real business creations, more or less in the long term after graduation.

  • Competitive Projects: 

Participation in major national and international competitions vouches for the intrapreneurial dimension of the course: to be innovative and efficient under the constraint of specifications. These projects must integrate the “technological innovation” and “fundraising” aspects to achieve their functional prototype and stand out among the competition (HydroContest, Shell EcoMarathon, Design and Science, ERL –EuRathlon, French Robotics Cup, Saipem Talentissimo...). These competition projects naturally link up with the second-year Group Engineering Project (PIE).

  • Defence Projects: 

Our close ties with the Defence Innovation Agency (Ministry of the Armed Forces) on the one hand, and with the Management and Performance Mission of the French National Gendarmerie (Ministry of the Interior) on the other hand, have led us to participate in large-scale intrapreneurial projects in the field of defence and security. These can range from the development of rapidly operational innovative solutions to the promotion of a portfolio of technological innovations held by the aforementioned institutions.


Associate Professor