Student associations

Whether they are professional, artistic, sporting or festive, associations are at the heart of student life at ENSTA Paris. They are numerous and diversified, enough to keep you busy throughout your studies at ENSTA Paris.

Students Union

Let's start with the 3 main bodies in charge of student life:

  • ValhalTA, Bureau Des Elèves
  • Ts'Art, Bureau Des Arts
  • KamaTA, Bureau Des Sports

They are the ones who coordinate the associations activities and organise, among other things, the numerous weekends such as the WEI or the WES (sports weekend)!

Find their contact details here.

Sports associations

It cannot be repeated often enough: a healthy mind, healthy body!

At ENSTA Paris, you have the choice:

  • If you are in love with or curious about sailing, ENSTAquet takes you on a WES initiation to sailing and lets you enjoy the marine environment.
  • Do you sleep and live for skiing? Go to ENSTArtiflette for a week of skiing and fun evenings.
  • Even without snow, what a pleasure it is to survey the summits and discover the French massifs with Montagne.
  • With or without sense of rhythm, join TwisTAgain to learn or improve your rock dancing.

Humanitarian and defence associations

At ENSTA Paris, commitment and mobilisation are legion. Do you want to defend a cause?

  • Join EcosysT'Aime, the association that promotes eco-environmental actions at the heart of student life: sustainable development week, vegetable garden, CleanUp Walk and local grocery shop are just a few examples of the many actions undertaken.
  • Join Taboo, the LGBT+ and feminist association of ENSTA Paris: prevention and information in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.
  • Join TAducœur, the humanitarian and charitable association of ENSTA Paris: Telethon, solidarity collections, educational projects or anything else that is close to your heart.

Business associations

Do you want to get to know the business world during your studies? Get involved in entrepreneurial projects?

  • Discover ENSTArt'up: visits, events and feedback from startupers
  • Join TAEP, the Junior Entreprise of ENSTA Paris: the opportunity to develop your project management and prospecting skills and to create a network and experience that will help you stand out in the future (association recommended by the director of ENSTA Paris)
  • Participate in the organisation of the Trium Forum: in association with Mines, Ponts and ENSAE Paris, you will organise an event that has been bringing together more than 200 companies and several thousand students every year for almost 30 years.

Audiovisual & communication associations

Because a great engineering school is also into communication, you can choose your medium!

With ENSTAtané, the school's newspaper, you can participate in the publication of incredible articles, crunchy rants, revolutionary sudokus or moving declarations of love.

TApage is the ENSTA Paris communication association. They offer jumpers and goodies, create the Alpha brochure and help promote the school on social networks (among other things!).

And if you prefer images, join Technimage, the video editing and creation association. Clips, live, short films and a non-serious version of the news, all behind the camera and in a fun atmosphere.

Music associations

It's a well-known fact that music softens the mood and brings people together.

Whether you are a fan of Rock-Jazz-Funk-Rap-Whatever or classical music, you can play, get on stage and meet other musicians with the associations KVO and OcTAve.

And if you prefer to be behind stage or on the turntables, join Sono, the essential association for all platal parties!

Scientific associations

It goes without saying engineering schools mean science associations!

  • You want to code and discover new technologies? Welcome to DaTA.
  • You want to take part in the French robotics cup? Welcome to Enstar.
  • You want to discover and explain the mysteries of the universe? Welcome to GraviTAtion.
  • You want to build a rocket or operate drones? Welcome to ENST'Air.

International associations

ENSTA Paris is also very international!

Present in 97 universities in Europe, the BEST association offers all students the opportunity to participate in exchange weeks throughout the continent.

If you want to discover the land of the rising sun, TAdaïma, the Japan at home association, is just waiting for you!

Culinary associations

At ENSTA Paris, there is no risk of dying of hunger or thirst!

Anim will provide you with food at every event and key moments of the year while Enstacos offers tacos for everyone every two months. EnTAblier is there for dishes and PaTAchoux is there for desserts whereas TAnin and Cantal take care of wine and cheese lovers.

Finally, the Bar, a pillar of student life and a central element of the student lounge welcomes you after classes for a guaranteed relaxing time.

Events associations

BOOM is a party open to all students from the Paris region and elsewhere. After your years of preparatory school, you want to have some unforgettable parties? Then BOOM is for you!

GALA ! To take you to magical universes such as a transatlantic trip or the casino of the great Gatsby, to put stars in your eyes, in short to make you dream. This is the job of the Gala, which organises an evening in honour of young graduates in prestigious Parisian venues!

Art and theatre associations

Do you have the soul of an artist and want to express yourself?

Whether you are an accomplished artist or a complete beginner, the MagenTA art association is there to allow you to share your creations and exchange with other enthusiasts.

Lovers of words or verses, join MeTAphor, the poetry and literature association of ENSTA Paris.

Have you been dreaming of Broadway since you were a child? Do you like acting, singing and dancing, or would you like to learn? SMASH, the inter-school musical comedy association of the Saclay plateau is there for you.

Leisure associations

Are you afraid of being bored during your studies? No way! You're bound to find an activity that suits you.

  • Are you a film fan? Join the CINÉ-CLUB on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Tartan bloodbaths, chill films, nanar films and international cinema to discover or rediscover through a thematic programme.
  • Do-it-yourself fan? Join ENSTAbouret, the DIY association for serious or completely messed up projects.
  • Are you a games fan? Join ENSTAlibur, a place where imagination is king and where everyone is invited to play.
  • Chess fan? Join TActique, the chess association of ENSTA Paris, for players of all levels.