Experimental platforms

Our experimental platforms on hydrogen and additive manufacturing meet the research challenges of industrial partners.

Hydrogen Platform

The Hydrogen Pilot Plateform is a complete chain of innovative technological bricks for process coupling studies for the production, storage and use of hydrogen. The devices are controlled automatically remotely and can be implemented independently.

For production, the platform is equipped with a pyrolyser, an electrolyser and an electrochemical compression purification bench.

The pyrolyser aims in particular to characterize the efficiency of the production of hydrogen from biomass, in particular from different wood species but also from glucose or fructose.

For storage, the platform is equipped with reactors for the synthesis of porous materials and reservoirs of gas hydrates synthesized at very high pressure.

Finally the use side uses a burner with a high-resolution fast camera through which are measured fundamental flame speeds and a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity.

thumbnail Plateforme pilote hydrogène ENSTA Paris

Additive Manufacturing Platform

The additive manufacturing centre is a technology platform shared by École Polytechnique and ENSTA Paris.

This workspace is designed around a metal 3D printer operating on the principle of laser-melted metal powder projection. The result is a homogeneous and dense metal deposit with characteristics between those of the foundry parts and those of the forge.

The printer stacks this layer-by-layer metal repository to create, repair, or add features to an existing part from a digital file.

This machine offers the possibility to design, manufacture and optimize new forms of materials, to work metals on the limit of weldability, to repair damaged parts or to add innovative functions on existing parts, enabling previously inaccessible performance to be achieved.

thumbnail Plateforme de fabrication additive ENSTA Paris / École polytechnique
Additive Manufacturing Platform
Additive Manufacturing Platform Ecole polytechnique / ENSTA Paris - Copyrights: J. Barande