Recruit talents from ENSTA Paris

During the three years of its engineering course under both student and apprentice status, ENSTA Paris trains future general engineers, in line with the expectations of the business world.

The School maintains close relationships with businesses, through sponsorship, partnerships, chairs, etc. It also hosts a large number of external contributors in its excellence course.

Internship and job offers

Internship offer

You can submit your internship offers online by clicking on the Career Centre of ENSTA Paris. Your offers will be marked there to be specifically visible to our students. This service is free of charge.

Please ensure that the dates of the internship you propose coincide with the internship periods at ENSTA Paris and their objectives.

The internship periods at the ENSTA Paris and their objectives:




Offers to be sent before

Business immersion internship

Experience of industry in a subordinate position

4 weeks between 1st & 2nd years


Research project

Research project

May and June of 2nd year, possibly until Aug.


Summer internship

Short project and acquaintance with business

July-August before last schoolyear


Sabbatical year internship

Position of a junior professional

10 months to 1 year starting around Sept.


End project

Work on a project as a junior engineer

At the end of the 3rd year, a 5 to 6 month internship starting in April

January (November if possible)

internship offers can be more or less precise, depending on the needs of your business. You may need a specific profile, but also encourage spontaneous applications. In both these cases, the offer can take a generic form, presenting the type of work that could be tackled, to ensure that the students have a clear picture.

For any questions, you can contact the Business Partnerships department who ensures the validation of internship offers received by ENSTA Paris.


Business Partnerships department

Job offers

Job offers are managed by the Alumni Association (Amicale), ENSTA IP Paris Alumni.

Whether they concern positions for beginners or for experienced engineers, offers can be submitted on the Amicale website. After registering your business, you will be able to submit your offers free of charge on the database viewed by students and former students