Masters & PhD Tracks

In addition to the excellent multidisciplinary education that constitutes the engineering course, ENSTA Paris offers more academic and disciplinary courses, geared towards research and preparation for a Doctorate. These courses are operated jointly with partner Schools within the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris).

The Masters programs

ENSTA Paris student-engineers have the possibility of entering directly into the second year of a Master's degree and obtain the ENSTA Paris engineering diploma and a Master's degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.

More specifically, ENSTA Paris contributes to the following programs:

  • M2 Molecular Chemistry and Interfaces
  • M1 & M2 Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • M1 & M2 Operational Research
  • M1 & M2 Energy
  • M2 Consulting in Organization, Strategy and Systems
  • M1 Mathematics and Applications
  • M2 Analysis, Modeling, Simulation
  • M1 Mechanics
  • M2 Biomedical Engineering: Biomechanics & Biophysics (BME)
  • M2 Fluid Mechanics
  • M2 Solid Mechanics
  • M1 & M2 Nuclear Engineering

Admissions calendar 2024

  • First session: November 07, 2023 to February 01, 2024
  • Second session: February 02, 2024 to April 18, 2024
  • Third session: April 19, 2024 to May 30, 2024

The PhD Track

Selective and individualised tracks lasting for 5 years allow students to build a personalised track oriented towards the thesis subject from the start of their Masters, under the supervision of a mentor and immersed in cutting-edge research laboratories. Engineering students of ENSTA Paris have the possibility of entering directly into the second year of the PhD Track.

More specifically, ENSTA Paris contributes to the following fields:

  • PhD track Chemistry and Interfaces
  • PhD track Energy for Climate
  • PhD track Mathematics
  • PhD track Mechanics
  • PhD track Advanced materials

Set up within the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, these programmes are run jointly by the École polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris, Télécom SudParis and other partner establishments such as HEC Paris, CentraleSupélec or the University of Paris-Saclay. More than 70 Masters and PhD tracks are offered in many fields: Biology, Physics, Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Energy, Economics, Computer Science, Sociology, etc. You can find the details of the courses (educational goals, laboratories and associated partners) and all the information relating to admissions on the dedicated presentation pages.

The Masters offer in which ENSTA Paris is involved concerns the following disciplines: Chemistry, Energy, Nuclear Engineering, Computer Science, Information and Communications Engineering, Innovation, Business and Society, Mathematics and Applications, Mechanics, Physics.

Double schooling

The engineering students of ENSTA Paris undergo their dual schooling in parallel with the last year of education in the engineering course.


The engineering students can apply directly to the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The list of academic and linguistic prerequisites is available on each of the Masters presentation pages.

Admissions calendar 2024: October 5 to December 12, 2023