Success for the ENSTA Paris international day

With 82 partner universities, 2 offshore campuses, 32 double degree agreements and 30 nationalities among its 28% of international students, ENSTA Paris is a school widely open to the world. The purpose of the October 20 event was to reflect this diversity and to highlight the international ambitions of ENSTA Paris in terms of outgoing student mobility. This day was also part of the Erasmus Days.

Ten partner universities were represented by their students on mobility at ENSTA Paris in order to present their specificities: Royal Military School of Belgium, UFMG, UNICAMP and Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Polytechnic Montreal in Canada, SPEIT in China, EIA in Colombia, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut in Lebanon, ENIT in Tunisia, and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine.

The international relations department of ENSTA Paris was naturally mobilized for the occasion. Florine Peyrisse, Martial Guérin and Sébastien Reymond informed the students about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program for outgoing mobility, as well as the numerous modalities set up by ENSTA Paris to allow them to develop the international skills essential to the future engineers they will become.

An amphitheater and a workshop given by Janette Trayaud, English teacher at ENSTA Paris, allowed the students to write CVs and cover letters in English in order to apply to the most competitive international university programs. Eya Dammak, an ENSTA Paris student in a double degree program at KTH in Sweden, shared her university experience in Scandinavia with her classmates. Her testimony was completed by numerous video testimonies of students currently on mobility around the world.

Thanks to the mobilization of the students, this day was a great success, answering the students' questions about the numerous training possibilities offered internationally and showing the cultural richness of the nationalities present at the School while taking place in a very friendly atmosphere.