An LOA startup selected by RISE

IMREX, a startup from LOA, one of the six research laboratories of ENSTA Paris, has just been selected by the CNRS RISE support program.

RISE supports startup creators in three main areas:

  • Identifying the skills that are essential to the success of the project.
  • The development of a financing strategy.
  • Initiating a market study and a business plan.

IMREX, a startup resulting from the LOA (CNRS/ENSTA Paris/École polytechnique) and led by CNRS researcher Philippe Zeitoun, will benefit from this support for one year in order to structure and develop the project.

IMREX's ambition is to develop a new X-ray imaging system that can produce three-dimensional images in a single exposure, as opposed to several thousand for scanners. This camera will greatly reduce the dose of X-rays, which is currently the most limiting factor in the use of scanners, as they can induce cancer or damage fragile targets.

Moreover, IMREX opens the way to dynamic 3D X-ray imaging with temporal resolutions (0.1s) that are inaccessible with scanners. The project consists in pushing the level of maturity of two demonstrators realized by the project leader and aiming at applications in cellular imaging (X-ray energy: 0.4 keV) or biomedical (small animal imaging at 17 keV). The system operating at higher energies could also be used in materials science and in particular under dynamic constraints (typically engine parts). This is a very significant advantage for both industry and physicians.