ENSTA Paris hosts a workshop of the VRACE project

From today until Friday, May 20, ENSTA Paris hosts a workshop organized by Olivier Doaré and Benjamin Cotté from UME in the framework of the European project VRACE.

The VRACE (Virtual Reality Audio for Cyber Environments) project consists in creating a multidisciplinary network that will train the next generation of researchers in the audio part of virtual and augmented reality. The goal is to take virtual/augmented reality to a higher level than gaming and entertainment by taking advantage of the critical mass of expertise gathered in this consortium.

The experts gathered in VRACE are committed to the path of physically correct virtual reality to enable real-world simulation for virtual testing and engineering.

VRACE's research activities include modeling sound sources, studying sound propagation in complex indoor spaces and outdoor environments, and studying human perception and localization of sound.

The session on Thursday, May 19 is open to all, subject to the 66 available seats in room 1324 of the School building. It will cover the fundamentals of sound propagation in outdoor environments (David Ecotière), the presentation of the open source software NoiseModelling (Pierre Aumond), and the auralisation (a process aiming at recreating an acoustic environment from measured or simulated data) of environmental sources (Julien Maillard).