Social responsibility as one of the major priorities of ENSTA Paris

The stated desire to all be responsible and united to live together better

ENSTA Paris, through the place it occupies in higher education and research, must be a responsible and united school. For several years, the School has therefore been developing actions for sustainable development and social openness in order to meet the challenges of the future. To do this, it mobilises everything it has, both at the level of staff and students.

With the aim of reducing the environmental footprint, the management of ENSTA Paris has strived to obtain, from the design phase of the construction of the new premises of the School in Palaiseau, a high environmental quality (HQE) certification. This means compliance with strict energy performance requirements as regards its consumption but also respect for the environment with a reduction in land footprint, use of renewable energies (geothermal energy, thermal solar panels) and the creation of vegetated natural spaces (valleys, green spaces, etc.). 

The School trains its students to face major social issues. It educates them throughout their schooling, through a cycle of compulsory conferences, to make them men and women committed to face the challenges of the future. The many student projects, including start-ups and associations interested in sustainable development, bear witness to this.

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With the objective of social openness, ENSTA Paris implements various policies that not only allow international students to study in the best possible conditions but also encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue higher studies, also in favourable conditions. For this, work is being done on the development of curricula and obtaining life scholarships. This support is essential and makes it possible to set up a rich mix that is conducive to innovation.


The fight against harassment, discrimination and sexual violence is a priority for ENSTA Paris.

ENSTA Paris has set up a system against sexual violence, discrimination and harassment, for both students and staff.

This system is made up of a network of people whose action is divided as follows:

  • Action targeted at student life at campus level with a more specific aspect of professional equality (equal pay and the fight against sexism in the workplace). Student associations are involved in this action under the leadership of the person responsible for supporting students and social openness, and the person responsible for corporate partnerships. One student and one former student participate in the system;
  • Targeted action for the attention of school personnel by the prevention officer;
  • Action by the gender equality officer, who coordinates this network and ensures the consistency of actions internally but also with all associated partners (CGE, CDEFI, ministries, IP Paris, etc.)

Campaigns have already taken place in 2018 on the topic of sexual harassment. In 2019, two new campaigns took place: one in March, raising awareness against sexual and gender-based violence, the other at the start of the September academic year before the students left for the induction weekend.

To support these campaigns, a brochure was published: "ENSTA Paris says NO to sexual and gender-based violence #NeRienLaisserPasser” (Don't let anything go). It will be distributed each year in September to all newcomers.

Faced with current challenges and those of tomorrow, these actions help to place staff and students in a positive and responsible dynamic, allowing them to better understand the responses that must be provided to live better together.

Links and visuals to the CSE and SGBV brochures :