The Defense Economics Prize awarded to Cécile Fauconnet

Cécile Fauconnet, post-doctoral student at ENSTA Paris, won the Defense Economics Prize for her thesis entitled: "The structuring of knowledge bases in defense companies".

The 2020 prize was awarded to Cécile Fauconnet, a post-doctoral student at ENSTA Paris, with a doctorate in economics from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and specializing in the evaluation of public policies. Her thesis, "The structuring of the knowledge bases of defense companies", was financed by the DGA and supervised at ENSTA Paris. She worked on innovation issues in defense companies, and more precisely on the content and organization of their knowledge bases in order to produce innovations. Her work has been published in the journals Defence and Peace Economics and Technology and Innovation.

The award ceremony took place on October 26, during a breakfast conference organized by Isabelle Saurat, Secretary General for Administration, in the presence of economist Patrick Artus, Director of Research and Studies at NATIXIS bank.

Awarded annually, the Defense Economics Prize recognizes a thesis, an original scientific work or a graduate thesis for its quality, originality and interest from the point of view of Defense Economics.

This prize illustrates the contribution made by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the SGA to the development of scientific research and highlights the academic field of Defense Economics, which is built up year after year thanks to the academic works related to it.

thumbnail Le Prix d'économie de la Défense décerné à Cécile Fauconnet