Véronique Lazarus honored by the French Academy of Sciences

Véronique Lazarus, ENSTA Paris professor and IMSIA researcher, has just been awarded the ONERA mechanical sciences prize for aeronautics and aerospace by the French Academy of Sciences.

Véronique Lazarus' research interests focus on crack propagation in the context of brittle fracture mechanics/physics. By combining theoretical approaches, experimental and numerical simulations, she has succeeded in developing original, internationally recognized models that enable the fine quantification of certain complex, three-dimensional aspects of crack geometry, as well as their impact on fracture resistance.

The challenges of its research range from the reliability of sensitive components in the nuclear and aeronautical sectors to the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Véronique Lazarus is currently coordinating several projects aimed at taking better account of shear loading, anisotropy and material heterogeneity.

"I would like to thank the Académie des Sciences and all those who have contributed to this work, which represents years of research and collaboration at academic level, and which is now being enhanced by applications in aeronautics and aerospace", declared Véronique Lazarus on receiving the award.

Véronique Lazarus, professeure ENSTA Paris
Véronique Lazarus, professeure ENSTA Paris. Crédit : Studio Fred H