Studying with a disability

Any student with a temporary or permanent disability, or with health problems of any kind (motor, mental, sensory, disabling illness, etc.) and for any length of time, can, if they wish, receive help from the ENSTA Paris Disability Coordinator in the Training and Research Department, who will work with the ENSTA Paris Disability Correspondent to inform, guide and orient them throughout their training.

Support and guidance throughout your studies

Whatever your situation (permanent or temporary disability, with or without a complete or current CDAPH file), there is a solution.

How does the request for accommodation work?

  • Assessment of specific disability-related needs, based on the opinion of the doctor appointed by the CDAPH (Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of Disabled People).
  • Drawing up of the PAEH (Plan d'Accompagnement de l'Etudiant en Situation de Handicap - Support Plan for Students with Disabilities) by the teaching staff, the disability advisor, the DFR disability correspondent and the student, based on medical advice.
  • Approval by the school management
  • Transmission of instructions to the teaching team, in strict compliance with confidentiality rules
  • Implementation and follow-up of accommodations

Good to know
You can request support at any time during your course. It is, of course, advisable to apply as early as possible.

Proposed layouts

ENSTA Paris offers students measures to compensate for every type of disability. Depending on the situation and the specific needs requested, different accommodations can be envisaged.

For examinations :

  • Increased test duration
  • Adaptation of examination subjects
  • Use of technical aids (computer, software, etc.)
  • Adaptation of the examination room
  • Etc.

For studies :

  • Adaptation of course materials
  • Adaptation of the curriculum
  • Adapted timetable and leave of absence (with proof)
  • Loan or installation of special equipment
  • Etc.

Good to know
Daily living aids are the responsibility of the MDPH (Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées).


Disability correspondent ENSTA Paris