Registration for the Momentom MOOC is open

The third session of the Momentom MOOC on molecules and materials for tomorrow's energy will start on November 7. Thanks to its legitimacy in the field, notably through its hydrogen platform, ENSTA Paris is responsible for the pedagogical aspects of the modules dedicated to the hydrogen sector.

This MOOC is in English with French subtitles. It is intended for L3 students as well as for engineering students and up to doctoral students. The courses of this second session will take place from November 7 to December 16, 2022, over 5 weeks corresponding to as many modules. Registration and certification are free.

The first week deals with the role of new energies in society. The proposed teaching aims at presenting the conditions for a deployment of green hydrogen in the context of the energy transition, the agenda of the Paris Climate Agreement, and the European Commission's strategic plan for hydrogen.

The second week will present some disruptive materials and different multifunctional systems for sustainable energy conversion.

In the third week, hydrogen production technologies, including conventional processes such as electrolysis, photo-catalysis and photoelectrolysis, will be described.

The fourth week will focus on hydrogen storage and energy applications, with emphasis on risks and safety aspects.

Finally, the fifth week will present electrochemical energy conversion systems, in particular the batteries of the future and supercapacitors.

The third and fourth weeks are placed under the pedagogical responsibility of Johnny Deschamps, teacher-researcher of the Chemistry and Processes Unit of ENSTA Paris.

His main research topics are hydrogen production from biomass, hydrogen storage in organic materials and containment of fluids and metals in porous materials. In addition to ENSTA Paris, Johnny Deschamps teaches in prestigious national and international academic courses (Corps des Mines de Paris, Shanghai Jiao Tong, etc.)

Plateforme Hydrogène - Johnny Deschamps
Johnny Deschamps lors de l'inauguration de la plateforme hydrogène ENSTA Paris
thumbnail Plateforme pilote hydrogène ENSTA Paris