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Nicolas Kielbasiewicz

Applied Mathematics Department (UMA)
Ingénieur de Recherche

I am a CNRS Research Engineer at UMR 7231 POEMS, part of the Applied Mathematical Unit of ENSTA-Paris. I am also Mathrice referee for AMU.

Research and education activities

Research activities

My main activities are about the finite élement library XLiFE++, developed in C++, heir to computation codes Melina, jointly developed by Daniel Martin, former Numerical Analysis unit of IRMAR (UMR 6625, University of Rennes I) and POEMS laboratory, and integrating code Montjoie developed by Marc Duruflé, INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, former PhD student of POEMS. These activities are about the development of the library itself, but also of the associated tools.

Teaching activities

I take part to courses at ENSTA Paris, more precisely SIM201 and SIM202, about numerical programmant in C++, and also in AMS301 of Master Analyse Modélisation et Simulation about parallel computing with MPI.


HAL Publications

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