INSIDE ENSTA Paris: a course that keeps its promises

The INSIDE ENSTA Paris program, which provides a complete immersion in the 3rd year of the ENSTA Paris engineering program, is a growing success. What are the reasons for this success? Meet two of the program's beneficiaries.

Initially designed for young engineering graduates to enable them to develop a dual skill set, INSIDE ENSTA Paris has proven to be popular with a much broader audience. For example, Jérémy, an IT project manager in a large government agency, chose the "Cybersecurity and Information Systems Architecture" specialization:

"I'm very satisfied with the courses because they involve professionals who are working and therefore at the heart of the current situation in our businesses. This is a real added value of INSIDE ENSTA Paris that allows students to broaden their initial field of expertise."

Another decisive interest of the program is the privileged links forged between ENSTA Paris and leading companies in each specialization path chosen: "The internships in companies are particularly rewarding, because they will allow me to import the tools of the business world into the administration. During these internships, we are confronted with the best in technology, and when I return to my job, I will be able to make proposals and implement these agile methods," confirms Jérémy.

As for Youssef, he is a young engineer who just graduated: "Coming from a very generalist background, I was looking for a course to deepen my knowledge and specialize in modeling and simulation. INSIDE ENSTA Paris seemed to me to be the ideal solution for this specialization."

A winning bet that Youssef is pleased with every day: "I am very pleasantly surprised by the professors' investment in their teaching. They are true teacher-researchers who carry out academic research on the subjects they teach, and this is reflected in the quality and interest of the courses. Moreover, they know that at INSIDE ENSTA Paris we all have very different initial backgrounds, and they take care to remind us of certain notions so that everyone can get up to speed and feel at ease in the course."

A passion for teaching that has proven to be contagious since Youssef is now considering completing his INSIDE ENSTA Paris training with a doctoral thesis, proof if any were needed of the excellence of the training provided.