Double degree ENSTA Paris - HEC: a double competence that makes the difference

What do you get when you combine the scientific excellence of the ENSTA Paris engineering program with the international recognition of the HEC master's degree in management? A dual skill set that allows for a very wide range of career choices. Meet Raphaëlle Thieux, currently in M1 at HEC as part of this double degree.

When she joined ENSTA Paris, Raphaëlle Thieux was not aware of the existence of the ENSTA Paris-HEC double degree. "I discovered this possibility at the beginning of my first year thanks to a presentation at the School by a representative of HEC. It was a very clear presentation that made me realize that the HEC diploma obtained at the end of the year is the same master's degree in management awarded to students who entered HEC after their preparatory classes, the famous "MiM", ranked second in the world by the Financial Times!"

Of course, such an opportunity implies a rigorous selection process that takes into account transcripts, detailed school and academic records, and the writing of three summary notes that make it possible to judge the motivation of the candidate and the adequacy of his or her academic curriculum with his or her professional project.

Raphaëlle Thieux dans le grand hall ENSTA Paris
Raphaëlle Thieux dans le grand hall ENSTA Paris

Finally, the level of English must be excellent because the entire selection process takes place in English, which is also the language in which most of the courses are given.

Once they have obtained the pass to join this double degree program, ENSTA Paris engineering students discover a whole new world.

"Of course, mathematics is still fundamental to finance. But I discovered fields that were completely new to me, such as management, marketing and strategic decision-making. With this double degree, I will acquire a dual competence as an engineer oriented towards business management, combining the advanced technical skills obtained at ENSTA Paris with the top-notch managerial skills acquired at HEC."

While the level of the courses does not pose any difficulties for students from ENSTA Paris, their organization is however different as Raphaëlle noted: "Each course involves group work, which helps develop teamwork skills that are essential in the positions to which HEC graduates can aspire. Participation is also highly valued. We are expected to be efficient, to think quickly and to have strategic vision."

But for what career plan in the end?

"I discovered the consulting business at ENSTA Paris, in my first year, through my participation in the school's Junior-Enterprise, TAEP. I became aware that consulting is a very vast field that leaves many doors open and possibilities of evolution. With this double degree from ENSTA Paris and HEC, I will have an excellent springboard to strategic consulting, which, through the variety of projects and the challenge of each mission, is exactly what I aspire to," concludes Raphaëlle Thieux.