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Cyril Touzé

Mechanical Engineering Department (UME)

I am professor at ENSTA Paris, working in the team "Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics" in the Mechanical Engineering laboratory of ENSTA Paris.

Research and education activities

My research activities are in the realm of nonlinear dynamics of mechanical systems with a special emphasis to nonlinear vibrations of thin structures.

I am working on reduced order modeling techniques for geometrically nonlinear structure, and more specifically to the development of methods based on the invariant manifold theory. We are also studying transition to wave turbulence for thin structures experiencing large amplitude vibrations, as well as the development of innovative techniques for passive control and vibration mitigation, including nonlinear vibration absorber and improvement of the Acoustic Black Hole effect with added nonlinearities.

Awards & distinctions

Subject editor for Nonlinear Dynamics

HAL Publications

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