Why choose ENSTA Paris?

Since 1741, ENSTA Paris trains multi-specialist engineers able to support companies and public bodies in the success of their most ambitious projects. Transportation, energy, defence, robotics, artificial intelligence, health and environment are the main sectors that welcome our graduates after their training in student path or by apprenticeship.
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7e of engineering schools of excellence - Figaro Etudiant 2022

ENSTA Paris and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris brings together the École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis to focus on a common ambition: to create a world-class Institute at the service of cutting-edge research and training programmes par excellence. Thanks to the experience, history and roots of these five founding schools, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris is positioned as a leading teaching and research institution in France and internationally.

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Become an engineer for change

The collective awareness of the urgency to lead the ecological transition, to design products, their modes of production and their uses differently, particularly in terms of transport and energy, two areas of expertise of the School, has led us to supplement the courses traditionally taught.

These supplements take the form of general and specialized courses in order to best prepare our future graduates to include these dimensions in the design of a project.

In the first year, they consist of a common core of awareness on all the major issues related to the climate. These issues are then applied to the specializations chosen by the students in the 2nd and 3rd years so that they can integrate the issues of sustainability, life cycle and environmental impact into their professional skills.

A multidisciplinary school

A true generalist school, ENSTA Paris opens doors to a large number of professional fields. Under the supervision of the Direction générale de l'armement (DGA) within the Ministry of Armed Forces, ENSTA Paris proposes a course of excellence based on its internationally recognized expertise.
It is particularly recognised by businesses for its expertise in the fields of transport, energy and engineering of complex industrial systems. True to its name and tradition, ENSTA Paris has managed to retain its technical specificity and its vocation as a school of "systems engineers", while adapting to changes in the industrial and business worlds. Multidisciplinary training prepares students to design and execute major scientific and technical projects.

Students have the choice in the third year between one of 12 advanced tracks (including one by apprenticeship), divided into three main areas.

Each student also chooses a profile from the 3 offered, which cover all trades in the engineering chain: Engineering and design; Research and innovation; Entrepreneurship (student status only).

A school on a human scale with a personalised curriculum

ENSTA Paris welcomes its students for three years, in classes of 250 students on an average, in student path or by apprenticeship. From the second year onwards, each student is supervised by a mentor teacher-researcher; each mentor supervises an average of five students.

A personalised education track

ENSTA Paris students have many opportunities to personalise their education. In addition to the choices that they all have to make during their schooling, they can, if they wish and in agreement with the school management, adjust their curriculum. They are individually supported in their choices by the teaching team

They can pursue:

  • A double-degree international track abroad;
  • A co-accredited master's degree in partnership. Third-year students can, instead of a set of courses, prepare for a master's degree in fields related to the vocation of ENSTA Paris. About a third of students choose this option each year ;
  • A deepening in management (double degree with HEC Paris) ;
  • A third year course as part of an exchange agreement with our partner schools: ISAE - SUPAERO, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique, Télécom Paris, ENSAE Paris ;
  • A double degree with our partner schools: IFP School, INSTN (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires), Ecole Navale, HEC Paris.

A very open education track

  • 39% of the course is devoted to economic, human and linguistic training;
  • the training includes at least 8.5 months of internship over 3 years.

In addition, ENSTA Paris has been focusing its priorities for several years on sustainable development issues and societal openness in order to be a responsible, sustainable and united school. Each year, we are one of the engineering schools with a significant rate of feminization of its promotions with nearly 30% of female engineering students.

A school close to business

Business support for ENSTA Paris and their involvement in the various actions carried out by the School are reflected in all areas:

  • In education, with the intervention of actual engineers in the classes, mainly those of the third year of the engineering course and the Specialised Masters, and with the hosting of internship students;
  • In support towards professional integration: mock interviews, business day, company visits;
  • In research, by carrying out numerous collaborative projects (CIFRE theses, research contracts, collaboration through ANR or European projects, chairs, etc.);
  • Internationally, through the support and interest of businesses in the School's international projects, in particular the offshore campuses (participation in business clubs, grants for international students, etc.);
  • Institutionally, with the participation of businesses in the School's governance bodies (Board of Directors, Education Board, Research Board, Guidance Board);
  • In class sponsorship.

Professional integration

ENSTA Paris is highly regarded by employers, who rank it in the group of the best engineering schools in France. The survey of the graduating class of 2019 revealed that 78% of the students in this class were hired before graduation.
For the 2018 class, the average gross compensation amounted to €45,500 per year. The average starting salary is among the highest among CGE member schools.

Enquête 1er emploi 2020, promotion 2019 - Débouchés et secteurs d'activité de nos diplômés
Enquête 1er emploi 2020, promotion 2019 - Débouchés et secteurs d'activité de nos diplômés

The international dimension

The School pursues a proactive international policy based on the establishment of a stable network of partners, with whom it develops and maintains lasting, regular and reciprocal exchange links.
The School's policy has a dual objective:

  • To offer its students the opportunity to do part of their education abroad. A period abroad of at least 18 weeks (studies or internships) is compulsory to obtain the engineering diploma from ENSTA Paris. The School maintains exchange agreements with more than 82 universities around the world and has 32 double-degrees finalised with foreign universities.  Find more.
  • To allow international students to train at ENSTA Paris: at the start of the 2021 academic year, 28% of the students enrolled at ENSTA Paris (all programs combined) were international students. Thus, students of more than 30 nationalities meet daily!  Know more

The campus: a unique setting

ENSTA Paris is located approximately 20 km south-west of Paris, in the École Polytechnique district of the Paris-Saclay campus. The School is located on a green campus, with a student residence, numerous sports facilities and research laboratories at two nearby sites. In the main teaching building, one part is reserved for students (hostel, association premises, etc.).

An ever-changing environment

The Paris-Saclay campus hosts many scientific establishments and institutions (CEA, INRIA, CNRS, etc.), private research centres (Air Liquide, Danone, EDF, etc.) and higher education establishments (École polytechnique, IOGS, Université Paris-Sud, CentraleSupélec, etc.), and continues to grow.

Student accommodation

The student residence on campus has 430 accommodation units spread over five buildings. First-year students all have access to accommodation in the residence if they wish.

Sports facilities

The School has a 1,734 m2 gymnasium and indoor sports facilities shared with the École Polytechnique.


Associative life

More than 60 student associations! Whether professional, artistic, sporting or festive, associations are at the heart of student life at ENSTA Paris. They are numerous and diverse, so you will find something to take care of throughout your years.