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Social security

Since the start of the 2019/2020 school year, the student social security scheme has disappeared. You will automatically be affiliated to a compulsory health insurance scheme for the reimbursement of your health expenses.

Special cases exist; especially if:

  • you have already been registered in a previous year
  • you are a foreign student

You will find all the necessary information at this link.

Need a supplemental health insurance?

If you wish to supplement the social security reimbursements, you can subscribe to the supplemental health insurance of your choice. If your budget does not allow you to subscribe to optional supplemental health insurance, assistance is available.

Click for more information about supplemental health insurance.


You can visit a city doctor or visit the Health Centres which are open to everyone. There, you can consult general practitioners or specialists; you can avoid the advance payments with your health card (or your CAEM).
A doctor is also present at ENSTA Paris on Wednesday afternoons by appointment.

In case of emergency:

  • Emergency unit: 15 (24/7)
  • SOS Doctors : 08 26 88 91 91 (24/7)

Social worker

The social worker at ENSTA Paris receives all students at their request. She is bound by professional secrecy.

Her mission is to:

  • Help students who are experiencing social, family and personal difficulties
  • Restore social ties when faced with the risk of disruption and marginalisation
  • Promote access to rights and direct towards the appropriate services

Psychological support

Psychological support is available for students twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.
To make an appointment, write to this address:
For more information you can view the attached document (in French).
In addition, all our students have access to the social services of the CROUS of Versailles. For more information

Budget advisory meetings

The Budget Advisory Meetings (PCB - Points conseil budget) are reception structures intended to help anyone experiencing budgetary difficulties and needing support.

View the interactive list of PCB