Student organizations


More than 40 student organizations offer a wide variety of dynamic activities!

The organizations are particularly active at ENSTA Paris and enable volunteers to gain initial experience that is recognised by the world of business. This is also an opportunity to give free rein to your enthusiasms or invest in the life of the school through valuable projects such as the Gala, the Trium Forum or the Taep junior enterprise.

Why not combine your studies with a passion for sport, music, or something else?

Six virtues of volunteering for an organization! Group activities are fertile ground for experimenting with:

  • creating a project and being able to defend it
  • acquiring a sense of responsibility
  • developing one's organisational skills
  • learning how to manage a budget
  • working as a team
  • defining realistic targets and the means

The BDE, an umbrella organization

The student office, or BDE, is a key and dynamic element. It organises some of the essential events in the life of the ENSTA Paris student, such as the introductory weekend and the famous evening events. It is also the students' voice in dealings with the hierarchy.

It is up to you whether you want to invest your time in the office and take part in your first elections, or take advantage of the opportunity to discover some new activities.