Functions of the young ENSTA engineers

An innovation-oriented first job for young graduates from ENSTA Paris

The above graphic shows the breakdown of positions held by ENSTA's young graduates (data taken from the class of 2010).

More than a specialisation, ENSTA aims above all to give its engineers a solid grounding which will enable them to follow cross-functional careers typical of the engineers of today and tomorrow. The real concerns of the engineer are in effect only rarely limited to a particular technical field: for example, a telecommunications engineer will require excellent knowledge of telecommunications, but also of IT and optimisation.

Career development

The teaching given by ENSTA is therefore close to the real concerns of companies. It was designed to enable each student to evolve easily within the company, moving rapidly from highly technical positions (R&D, design office) to more supervisory and project management tasks.

Complex systems engineers

Loyal to its reputation and its tradition, while adapting to changes in the industrial and corporate world, ENSTA Paris has been able to preserve its vocation as a "systems engineers" school. Like the shipbuilding engineers who were trained to build ships, from design to commissioning, through construction, fitting out, propulsion and adjustment of instruments, today's ENSTA Paris engineers are the architects of the modern complex industrial systems.