Communication with the students

Corporate events

A group of ENSTA Paris students, known as Tapage - which is an offshoot from the Student Affairs Office - is devoted to communication within the School. One of its components, the Business Relations group, concerns itself with helping students make contact with businesses. This team is the ideal contact for organising company-sponsored events in the School.

  • tapage [at] (Send an e-mail to Tapage) 
  • +33 (0) 1 81 87 18 84

The associations

The students propose a number of ways of getting involved in the life of the school. ENSTA has numerous groups and associations devoted to sports, cultural and other activities. A partnership with one of them would be an efficient way of putting your image across to the students. The Student Affairs Office comprises a person in charge of coordinating the associations, who will be your contact. For sports activities, contact the Sports Office.

Student Affairs Office
+33 (0)1 81 87 18 80

  • bde [at] (Send an e-mail)

Sports Office
+33 (0)1 81 87 18 90

  • bds [at] (Send an e-mail)

Trium Forum

Organised jointly by our students and those of the Ecoles des Mines de Paris and Ponts et Chausées shools, the Trium Forum is generally held in October or November. It is a time when the 3rd year students are putting the finishing touches to their career projects and are looking for the end of studies internship that will provide the best possible transition to the chosen career.
The Trium site at ENSTA Paris

Contact Trium
+33 (0) 1 81 87 18 92

  • trium [at] (Send an e-mail)

Taep, the ENSTA Paris junior-enterprise

Taep has received a number of awards and offers the services of the students to businesses for mechanical, IT, applied mathematics and optimisation, electronics and automation studies, as well as for technical translations. Work of this kind is an excellent way of offering the students an opportunity to discover your company.
The Taep site

Contact Taep
+33 (0) 1 81 87 18 86

  • taep [at] (Send an e-mail)