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  • Elena Muré, Acting Deputy director for corporate partnerships

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Corporate relations

Involving business

Involving businesses is one of the benefits of engineering education in France. ENSTA places particular emphasis on this involvement at a number of different levels:

  • In teaching : nearly 700 auxiliary teachers, who are engineers in full-time employment, give lectures at ENSTA and provide its students with the benefits of their industrial know-how. The third year courses, which are of a more applied nature, are the prime beneficiaries of this system. Each of the modules is built up by one of the School's permanent professors, who calls upon the services of several auxiliary teachers, who in turn sometimes propose other teachers to deal with specific points. The teaching staff
  • Through student internships : Internships and projects in the engineering programme. Your internship and employment offers : On the page connected by this link, you can enter internship and job offers into either of two external databases which are used by ENSTA's students and alumni : PlaceOjeunes and Hobsons Campus. Entering offers is free and they are accessible to members of ENSTA Paris only.
  • Through successful integration of our students in professional life. After ENSTA Paris
  • Through participation by a number of companies in the governing bodies of ENSTA (Board of administration and Training and Research Councils), playing a role in defining the direction of teaching and the life of the institute.
  • Through major collaborative programmes and contracts in research. Research at ENSTA Paris
  • Through financial support.

Contact with the students

ENSTA Paris encourages businesses to be present in the lives of the students. A number of means are used to do this, from organising events to partnerships with student associations, in particular the Students' Union, the Sports Union, the Trium Fair team or Taep, the junior-enterprise.
Communication with ENSTA Paris students (in French)