Sport at ENSTA

ENSTA Paris strongly encourages the practice of physical activities, setting aside two half-days per week, for the three years of studies. Monday afternoons are devoted to the various lessons and practice sessions, while Thursday afternoons are given over to university competitions (FFSU).

As sport is not compulsory, the students may either practice freely, or ask to be graded. This grade will then be associated with the marks for languages other than  English in the first and second years, and with all the languages in the third year.

Our future engineers are offered about twenty activities. Team sports (basketball, handball, volleyball, football, rugby, street hockey), racket sports (badminton, squash, tennis, table tennis), combat sports and martial arts (aikido, judo, karate, boxing), individual sports (athletics, rowing, dance, climbing, yoga).

Supervision is provided by qualified sports teachers or by state licenced monitors. The school's sports manager is responsible for overall coordination and works closely with the Sports Office (student BDS) and the ENSTA Personnel Association ENSTA (APE) which proposes additional options such as weights training, diving, rock&roll dancing, skiing, taï chi, sailing.