Economics and management

The Department of Law, Economics and Management is run by Richard Le Goff, a researcher in industrial and public economics, associate professor at the Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne (CRIFES-MATISSE - UMR 8595 CNRS - Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne).

Applied Economics are an integral part of the background of ENSTA Paris engineers

Applied Economics are an integral part of the background of ENSTA Paris engineers, as their careers require more than an excellent scientific and technological training. This is due to various factors:

  • Diversity of positions held by the young graduate engineers: from R&D to IT, including auditing, consulting, manufacturing, etc.
  • Multitude of fields in which they are hired: electronics, telecommunications, IT service companies, automotive, rail, energy, defence, consulting, banking, etc.
  • Frequency with which they change functions and/or sectors during the course of their careers.
  • Overall evolution from more technical functions early in a career, towards positions mainly in management later on.

The aims of the Department

The aims of the Department are:

  • To contribute to the wide-ranging nature of the education provided by the institute, in addition to the recognised excellent scientific and technological training of its graduates.
  • To develop the range of theoretical and professional teaching in the fields of management, law and economics at ENSTA Paris.
  • To facilitate exchanges within ENSTA's partner networks, in France and abroad (European and North American universities, etc.).
  • To develop connections with research in industrial and public economy performed by entities working in ENSTA Paris's fields of excellence and in the main sectors of activity of its graduates (Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, Observatoire Economique de Défense, UPI, UPIX, Mines ParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Telecom Paris, etc.) .
  • To take part in the students' preparation of their professional integration and career.
  • To enable the students to continue with an MSc or PhD in economic science.

The Department calls upon experts involved in research and professional practice

The Department's teaching staff are academic or professional experts (sometimes ENSTA Paris alumni themselves) working in other ParisTech institutes, in foremost business schools and leading university and research establishments associated with the CNRS (Paris IX, I , Cachan, etc.).

Courses of this Department are designated by the acronym EA (applied economics).

Going further than the curriculum: additional Master's, PhD

Possibilities are open to deepen the economic studies done at ENSTA Paris :

  • Enrolment in a Master's degree in Economics in parallel with the 2nd year of Master of Engineering at ENSTA Paris.
  • The MSc in Organisational and Strategy Consulting at Université Paris 1 is open to students in the 2nd year of Master of Engineering at ENSTA Paris. Courses can be followed in place of or in addition to the teaching given at ENSTA Paris.
  • Later on, students can prepare a PhD in Economic Science at Université Paris 1, under the supervision of Dr. Le Goff, hosted by the Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne.