Culture and the humanities

Culture and humanities seminars

ENSTA Paris considers that general culture plays an integral part in the engineer's curriculum. Cultural matters are taught by specialists, aiming to give an insight into the problems of the contemporary world and an introduction to disciplines in literature, the arts and the humanities.

The aim is not so much to dispense exhaustive knowledge on a particular subject, as to awaken and stimulate an interest and to question preconceived notions about "culture". By implying students in making presentations or memoranda, it also aims to introduce them to other means of expression, to stimulate their curiosity and critical mind.

In both the senior undergraduate year and the first year of the Master of Engineering, the students are required to choose two seminars from a list of fifteen.


Training in communication techniques aims to teach the students the art of speaking and give them self-confidence. It also aims to prepare them for the transition to professional life. A series of courses are specifically designed for this purpose:

  • Senior undergraduate year: a communication techniques and teamwork course, concluded by a public presentation (one week).
  • 1st year of Master's:

- students entering ENSTA Paris at this stage are given a communication techniques course similar to that of the senior year.
- students coming from the senior year take an experience feedback session concerning the industrial insertion internship which they have carried out during the summer (one week).

  • 2nd year of Master's: training in recruiting techniques.

Artistic expression

ENSTA Paris gives its students the opportunity to take part in artistic activities run by professionals: drama workshop, musical training (piano, singing, classical guitar).