Industrial immersion internship

Traditionally referred to as the "worker internship", the industrial immersion internship (SIMI) aims to give the students an initial idea of life in industry, by having them work as part of a team. The internship is preferably in a production or sales environment and takes place during the summer period after the first year of the engineer cycle. It lasts a minimum of four weeks. Many students choose to take their internship abroad.

The purpose of the internship is to give the future engineers a first view of the industrial world and structure, to teach them about the working conditions of the staff who actually carry out the work, the importance of human relations, the issues involved in hierarchical structures, the various managerial methods, the problems involved in circulating information and the complexity of the social fabric of a company.

The SIMI is also a good opportunity for a students to find out more about the professional sector that interests them, with less pressure than during the second and third year internships.