Teaching and research

The close connection with research is a key feature of education at ENSTA. The laboratories play a great role in designing the teaching programmes.

The place of research in engineering education

Whether R&D is his choice of career or not, it is essential for an "Advanced Technologies" engineer to have had direct and significant contact with research during the course of his studies, to have learnt how it works and what are its particularities and connections with the other sectors of economy.

This contact with research is a way of increasing the students' awareness of the mechanisms of innovation and the stakes involved in technology transfer. It also aims at developing the inductive aspect of scientific work, in addition to the deductive aspect which is heavily emphasised in the early years of higher education. It stimulates their intellectual audacity, their creativity, their diligence and their analytical mind.

Research is present in education at ENSTA through the many classes dealing with currently developing fields, as well as through the Personal Laboratory Project.

The Education and Research Units ('UER')

In order to foster synergy between teaching and research, ENSTA Paris is organised into Education and Research Units ('UER'), which have a two-fold role as research laboratories and as educational departments.

Strong ties exist between the UER's, the industrial fabric and the academic network. In this way, the future engineers have access to a broad range of partner organisations.

Research at ENSTA Paris