• All the internships proposed in the ENSTA Paris engineer cycle can take place abroad, in a laboratory, a company or in industry; they then come under the category of international training.

Internships and projects

Industrial internships play a crucial role in training the student engineers. They are an irreplaceable means of making contact with the professional world, of discovering its diversity, concerns and needs. They also enable the students to gain a clearer picture of the profession of engineer and the areas in which they might wish to work.

Mandatory internships

The engineer cycle comprises three internships, closely linked with the actual teaching:

  • The industrial environment immersion internship (SIMI), at the end of the 1st year (senior undergraduate year) designed to gain a picture of life in a company
  • The research project, at the end of the 2nd year, which is a period of training through research in a field chosen by the student
  • The final degree project (PFE), at the end of the 3rd year, used to confirm and fine-tune the professional project by clearly defining the activity sector chosen

Optional internships

Short internships (up to 2 months) or as part of alternating training internships (up to 12 months), are also proposed.

Pedagogical supervision

During the internships (except the SIMI), each student it supervised by an ENSTA Paris research-professor. From helping to define the subject to organising assessment and defence, the students are thus given extensive pedagogical support.

Each internship is therefore supervised by two people:

  • The scientific supervisor or internship director, who supervises the student on a daily basis within the host institution
  • The tutor at the School

Internship dates