Educational strong points

A number of factors come together to create particularly favourable conditions of study for the students at ENSTA Paris.

Close pedagogical supervision

For each subject, a part of the teaching is given in small classes of about fifteen students. This format offers significant interactivity and places the emphasis on project-based work. In some fields, teaching takes the form of a student-tutor pairing, or small groups with a research professor or a representative from industry.

As soon as the first choices have to be made, each student is individually counselled by one of the school's full-time professors who guides him or her through the options. In particular, this tutor will aim to maintain contact with the student during the training periods taking place in a company or abroad.

Considerable resources

More than 200 high-performance computers with high-speed Internet conection are available to the students for teaching purposes. Access to the computer rooms is unrestricted until 11 p.m. during the week and in week-ends for the purposes of individual and group projects. The computer base is completely renewed approximately every three years.

The students have access to considerable experimental resources within ENSTA and in the numerous partner institutes (other leading Paris schools, universities, research centres).

A library and multimedia centre with numerous electronic subscriptions is also available to the students.

The library and multimedia center

Evolutive teaching

The strong interaction with fundamental and applied research means that the education offered takes account of the latest advances in science and technology. The Institute's Educational Council also includes a number of business representatives who are there to advise professors about what industry expects from the young graduates, now and in future.

Educational strong pointsThe teaching is also systematically evaluated by the students themselves, with pedagogical meetings being regularly held with the student representatives. In this way, it is possible to optimise the extent to which the teaching given is kept in line with the needs of the students.